Because of their construction conventional conveyor belts are not suitable for many applications. AL Ruman Prolink plastic modular belts are an excellent solution in these cases: The material is rot-resistant, durable and physiologically safe (all standard materials used are FDA compliant). As a rule cleaning the belts is simple.
Numerous components
The RUMAN Prolink system consists of seven series functionally designed for diverse conveying and processing tasks. Inserted connecting rods join the individual modules together making them flexible and endless.
This means:
variable widths and length
simple repair
low stocks
Existing machinery can be converted to RUMAN Prolink easily. Apart from the standard colours, any colour is available on request.
High quality materials
By using different materials the characteristics of the various modular types are more specialised. With this variability RUMAN Prolink fulfils all practical requirements: In conveying, positioning, washing, drying, freezing...