Al RUMAN ROLLING BELTS LLC,for power transmission, conveyor and Industrial belts.
An extensive sales and service network plus qualified support provide short delivery times, immediate response and high quality standards and no compromising with quality and Services.
AL Ruman Rolling Belts LLC, have now complete range of conveyor belts and accessories .
Today Industries demand a high level of flexibility and in all areas of a company-from the innovation of new products to quality management and customer service.
As a leading company in quality flat belts , conveyor belts AL RUMAN as Advantage-
Movement is second nature to us.
There is no question about our customers can expect:
Total commitment to continual development and improvement of all our services-we hit the ground running..
But even top quality products and commitment cannot replace personal contact to the customer . that’s why we average industries in GCC.South
Africa,Afghnistan,Uzbikistan,Tajikstan Nairobi.pakistan we sell a broad range of tools and devices to meet the needs of our customers . This range covers the requirements of (series and specialties) as well as those of on-site installations of conveyor, power transmission belts and tapes.
RUMAN ROLLING BELTS LLC, guarantees consistent market orientation,top product quality and comprehensive service and advisory assistance. Of course ,the Industrial Products applications and Services comply with the requirement of feuture world of industries.


AL Ruman the Symbol of Confidence

Al Ruman Belts have now complete range of conveyor belts and Conveyor accessories in our Stock. Today
Industries Factory demands a high level of flexibility and dynamics in all areas of a company-from the innovation of new products to quality management and customer service.

AL Ruman there was one singular goal and that was to provide excellence in customer service and in achieving this, earn and maintain the respect of all customers and employees alike.

The company has never deviated from these goals and as a result has built an enviable reputation for reliability, cost effectiveness, honesty and fairness. These goals are an integral part of the AL RUMAN Worldwide commitment to providing support and technical innovation to all RUMAN operating divisions throughout the world. Through a network of company operated AL Ruman are well position to provide service to UAE and GCC and Other Country customers

What is our business?
We provide supply, technical support, installation and repair of conveyor belting andassociated conveyor products.
We supply and provide technical support AL Ruman coated fabrics.
Our Mission
Al Ruman has very firmed believe and commitment that to promote There product And Technical services through out GGC and UAE.
To be recognized by our clients for providing them with prompt, reliable and cost effective solutions.

Our Employees

We take considerable pride in all of our employees. Their combined experience in the conveyor service industry includes over 230 years of dedicated service.
An on-going company commitment to improving and enhancing industry skills based training ensures that all our employees are kept at the leading edge of technology and product development. Some prerequisites to employment are enthusiasm, ability, honesty and a real commitment to customer service.
We are pleased to claim that all our employees are stakeholders in our business and are genuinely proud of their contribution to the overall company performance.
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